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martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

A little homage to my beloved homeland.

What would you say if I told you that there is a land in the world which is peaceful and welcoming, which is full of interesting places, and where you can eat food as good for the body as good it is for the soul? That is, undoubtedly, Briviesca.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Briviesca is not well-known in Spain. It is a humble village, with no Skyscrapers, neither modern services. When you go for a stroll throughout its streets, you can feel you are in a quiet place, but full of life. It is an incredible mix between a city, with a few of good services, and a town, where all people know everyone. You can go everywhere on foot, however you have bus and railroad station. It is almost like a city, with all its advantages but without its disadvantages.

Source: Original work, circa 1999. Me and my friends hanging out in "La Florida".
Moreover, if you know what to do, you will never get bored in Briviesca. Amazingly, it has a lot of shops, restaurants and pubs (Briviesca, tierra bravía, con muchos bares y una librería used to say my grandmother) but also book-shops, and a Public Library. In spite of being a small town, it has a great night life with all kind of atmospheres (Rock, Techno, Pop... it doesn’t matter). But if you are not interested in such earthly things, you always can visit the magnificent Churches and the impressive wilderness and the picturesque bunch of smaller villages that surround Briviesca.

Not all my reasons are so practical. I like Briviesca too because of the good and vivid memories I keep from it. In its streets I learnt about friendship and love, in its schools I learnt about the world… And in its High-School I learnt how to become an adult.

Sadly, I had to left my crib many years ago, and even though I am currently a very happy person, self-realized, and full of gifts… aunque salga de mi tierra ella va en mi corazón.


A big City, but not so big; a city which has a lot entertainment, nature and culture; a city where I have most of my friends and family: That’s Briviesca, the place where I belong to, the place I will always call “my home”, the place where my mind and my soul go when I want to dream.

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