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lunes, 28 de enero de 2019

Advertisements raising social awareness.

Advertisements are not only a powerful tool to get customers and raise sales. They also bring us the opportunity to change our minds and be aware of certain realities. This is the case of my favourtie TV commercial, the advertisement I like the most and I consider more important than any other.

It was the year 1990. Not a long time ago, is it? The truth is that 3rd Millennium was coming but a lot of things in Spain seemed to be going a little bit slower than in other places. In spite of the staggering number of teenagers having AIDS ant the high rate of teen pregnancies, sexual education was still a taboo in our country. And then… This commercial was casted.

It was not only a clear and great homage to Kubrick’s Spartacus, but a great slap in that old society reluctant to realize that social and sexual education (and commitment with social problems) was a big need in those days.
I was only a child, but I still remember how amazed I was and how disgusted my parents, teachers, and the local priest, were. However, now, most of them have admitted to me that it marked the start for better times to come.

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